Crafts You Can Make With Your Iron

Sunday, June 24, 2012
Most people spend little time ironing clothes these days. Either the clothes are permanent press or they get sent out to the dry cleaners. It’s not like it was fifty years ago when housewives spent their time over an ironing board ironing everything from shirts to sheets. Still most households have an iron on hand. And some still choose to do their own ironing.
An iron can also be a great tool when it comes to crafting. Here are just a few of the crafts you can do with an iron.
Waxpaper leaf pressing
Pressing leaves between wax paper can help you with leaf identification. But it can also be a way to create some great crafts and decorations. Wax paper pressing can help you capture color and leaf structure as well.
Here’s what you do.
Find the leaf or leaves you want to press. Put the leaf between two layers of wax paper. Leave plenty of room to trim the leave and also to preserve the wax “seal.” Cover the wax paper with a thin towel. A dish towel will work well. Paper towels would also work.
Turn the iron on medium heat and evenly iron over the towel. The heat will seal the leaf between the sheets of wax paper. When it’s cool, trim the wax paper to the shape of the leaf or the size necessary for your project.
Keep in mind that, depending on the tree species, you might see your green leaf brown a bit. This is normal and you need to keep that in mind when considering leaf color.
This is a great project for fall as well. All you need is wax paper, a thin towel, a leaf and a warmed iron.
Wax paper and crayon stained glass or sun catchers.
Make your own “stained glass” by using crayon shavings, wax paper and an iron.
Start with a sheet of wax paper and fold it in half so there’s a crease. Use a handheld pencil sharpener to create crayon shavings. Be as creative as you like with the colors. If you plan to make stained glass “hearts” use pinks and reds. But the choice is really up to you. Put wax-shavings evenly across one half of the paper. Fold over the clean half. Crimp the open edges by folding the wax paper over about half an inch. That way you won’t lose the shavings.
Put the wax paper on craft paper and cover it with another sheet of wax paper or a thin towel. Iron this lightly on medium heat. When all the shavings have melted let this cool. Cut this out into your desired shape and hang with string.
You can use this process to make hearts for Valentine’s Day or leaves for the fall. It’s really limited only by your creativity.
What you’ll need: waxed paper, waxed crayons (sometimes the cheaper brands work better), a hand held pencil sharpener, iron, craft paper or other scrap paper, scissors, string.
Perler beads are another fun option for working with an iron. Perler creates fusible bead products that you melt together with an iron.
You’ll need to buy them a craft store, or order them online.
First you choose your pegboard for the desired shape you want. The Company makes many different shapes of pegboards. Or you can make a design of your own.
Pick the colors that match as closely to the color you want for your particular project. Place the beads in the appropriate slots on the pegboard. The pegboard has little spikes that help you follow the pattern you choose.
Place parchment paper over the beads on the pegboard. With your iron on medium setting, slowly run the iron in a circular motion on the beads and pegboard for about 10 seconds or until the beads have fused together. Remove the parchment paper and carefully turn the pegboard to the other side. Slowly remove the pegboard. Put the parchment paper back and repeat the fusing process with the iron.
Keep in mind that any of these projects require adult supervision. Never leave a child unattended with a hot iron.


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