New To The World Of Wine? Here Are 3 Fun, Interesting Ways To Expand Your Knowledge!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012
Want a fun way to learn about wine? Many people these days are intimidated by the world of wines.
There are so many labels, so many types and brands - and how do you even begin to figure out the proper 
 food pairings?
Well, one of the best ways to learn about wine is through direct experience - practice and tasting. This is the best way to teach yourself how to taste and really appreciate what makes a quality bottle.
How do you do that? Easy - here are 3 unique, fun ways to learn about wine:
#1 Visit a Winery
Whether you're on vacation or live close to a wine growing region, chances are you can take a tour and visit one or even a few different wineries.
You can see how the grapes are grown, walk the vineyard, watch the process of winemaking and even do a tasting. It really gives you an appreciation for the complexities of the wine-making process.
The people who run these tours are usually full of information and can your experience both fun and educational. Go with a few friends and you'll have an experience to talk about for years. You may even find a new favorite wine on your tour!
#2 Host A Wine Tasting Party
This isn't as hard as it sounds (provided your friends aren't wine critics!). Wine tasting is very subjective after all.
But you may have to do a bit of leg-work beforehand. Make sure you buy several different types of reds and whites - preferably from different places (alternately, you can also buy the same type of red from different regions if you really want to study a certain type of wine like a Pinot Noir, Riesling or Cabernet, for example).
You may have to do a brief overview for your guests about how to taste - look at the color, smell the aromas, taste and savor the wine noticing the tastes, acidity, tannins and sweetness levels. Then after the wine is gone, notice how it finishes on the palate. You can usually find some good information on wine tasting either online or at your local wine store.
Another thing you may want to include for your guests is their own wine rating sheets so that they can make their own observations of each bottle. After the tasting it's a lot of fun to compare notes. You'll be learning via your own tasting experience - as well as everyone else's!
#3 Join A Wine Club
Wine clubs will send you several bottles of expertly-selected premium wines every month or every quarter. These usually come with tasting notes and information on the wineries and that particular bottle you've received.
You can find a wine of the month club to suit your preferences. So for example you may want to try some international reds or receive several fine sparkling whites every month. You can even join clubs that will send you bottles rated 90+ points by critics - that are almost impossible to get in stores.
A wine club isn't just a fun way to experience wine - it's also a great way to save money since you're paying less than you normally would if you bought the bottles separately. Plus most wine clubs give their members attractive discounts on future reorders.
So those are some memorable, interesting ways to expand your wine knowledge - and have fun at the same time.
Remember that you don't have to know it all - even the experts don't know everything! The beauty of learning about wine is the adventures you experience while building your knowledge!


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