Weird and Wonderful Ways to Eat Oreos

Monday, July 9, 2012
There isn’t a cookie available on the market that has a particular eating method as strongly attached to it as Oreos (apart from maybe it’s British equivalents, the Custard Cream and the Bourbon). The classic twist, lick and dunk method is almost as famous as the cookie itself, and is employed by Oreo fanatics all around the world.
Even though the twist, lick and dunk method is the prominent method for tackling a delicious Oreo, those aforementioned fanatics haven’t just settled for eating their favourite cookies in this manner. There is a wealth of interesting ways to eat your Oreos, some weird and some wonderful but all sharing one common characteristic – they’re delicious!
Oreo Cheesecake
The tough choice between cookies and cakes has been one that has plagued those with a sweet tooth for many years. Thankfully, one genius came up with a way of letting us all have our cake and eat it – the Oreo cheesecake.
Like a regular cheesecake, the Oreo cheesecake consists of a biscuit base and cream cheese topping. Unlike regular cheesecake, however, the biscuit base is made from crushed up Oreos and the cheese is sprinkled with chunks of cookie. The Oreo cheesecake has quite a few delicious spin-offs too, including peanut butter 

Oreo Cheesecake, upside down cheesecake and mini cheesecakes!
The Cookie Within A Cookie
Otherwise known as ‘Cookie Inception’, the cookie within a cookie is basically a regular chocolate chip cookie...with bits of Oreo as the chocolate chips. Sounds delicious, although it does make one wonder what further possibilities there could be for Inception-esque treats...a cookie within a cookie within a cookie perhaps?
Oreo Mint Cocoa
Oreos, bless them, aren’t the most sophisticated of cookies; they make quite the mess and don’t owe themselves to the standards of etiquette expected at a dinner party, for example. After dinner wafer thin mints are much more the order of the day.
But should one wish to consume Oreos at a sophisticated soiree, how would one go about it? Look no further than Oreo Mint Cocoa, a delectable hot beverage infusing the classic Oreo cookie with chocolate and peppermint extract. Divine.
Deep Fried Oreos
There’s a school of thought within the world of food that the only way to make a good thing better is to stick it in a deep-fat fryer...and sometimes they are right.
The idea of a deep-fried Oreo isn’t one that sounds particularly appealing, and your doctor definitely wouldn’t recommend you eat them, but they certainly are a taste experience. Deep fried in pancake batter, these treats are a favourite at carnivals and definitely worth trying at least once...just don’t make them a regular treat!
Oreo Pizza
Hold up, what? Oreo Pizza?! Don’t worry, this is nowhere near as weird as it sounds – it’s actually more of a pie than a pizza. The base is made from crushed up Oreos and brownie batter, while the toppings can be just about anything you want – you can even sprinkle even more crushed up Oreos on top for the ultimate treat!


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